Production Terms for Backing Tracks

custom-backing-tracks-3Music Tracks America’s Song Production Policy

Your custom song arrangements will have the same production quality as our Style Samples or Music Production Sample Tracks that are featured on this website’s Band/Rhythm Section tracks. Your tracks will be arranged & produced in YOUR SPECIFIC KEY and have the same quality musician’s performances, unique and interesting harmonic accompaniment, appropriate tempo, etc. to fit your own personal performance requirements. Your Band/Rhythm Section backing tracks also may contain many of the wide variety of instruments, and instrument sounds, that you hear in our demonstration tracks. And if our arrangers feel that to be the case, all these instrumental performances will be recorded for your tracks at no extra cost!  Only tracks that are “sweetened”, with instrument sections, incur an additional fee.

Email will initially be used to discuss your song’s potential arrangement, keys, tempo, etc., and we will thus make every attempt to understand your musical needs and desires, as well as communicate our concept of your song’s stylistic arrangement to you prior to production.

The following Song Production Pricing will remain in effect through August 2023 and all financial transactions will be made through PayPal.

Each song track  (not exceeding 4 minutes in length) ………………………… $350.00
Song Medley production (up to 7  minutes in length) ………………………… $500.00

Orchestral “Sweetening” of Band/Rhythm Section tracks (giving our arranger discretion to use strings, brass, percussion and/or woodwind sections as enrichment of your tracks) – add $250.00 per song or $400.00 per medley

Full Orchestra Arrangement and Production fees will be quoted by the individual song.

Any remixing of tracks after delivery……………………………………………..$75.00 per song.


15% Discount of above rates apply on orders of 3 or more individual song tracks  placed on the same order.
15%  Discount of above rates apply for each produced song track that has a complete and legible “lead sheet” (melody, lyrics,  and correct chords) submitted with it.

For songs where the arrangements that are requested have to exceed the lengths outlined above, an additional $50.00 is charged per 30 second increment, or portions thereof.

Media rates for exclusive, custom music tracks for film, television or advertising will be as cost effective, and quoted per information provided concerning their intended use.

Fees will be quoted upon request for delivery of individual tracks that Music Tracks America produces, i.e. drum tracks, bass track, guitar tracks, keyboard tracks, etc., that can be used by Pro Tools or other DAW software.

On any Promotional Code pricing, only the  “lead sheet” discount of 15% will be applicable per order amount if lead sheets are submitted.  No other discounts apply.

One-third of the gross fee per order is required to be paid via PayPal at the inception of your order – and upon your acceptance of Production Agreement, with the remaining balance paid at completion of production, as outlined in the Production Agreement.

Allow 10 business days to complete production after order is placed. Rush orders (3 business day turnaround), add 30%.

Each song’s finished production will be delivered on separate mp3 files via email. In the event that a rehearsal track is needed, or desired – containing spoken verbal cues that indicate where the singer is to sing specific parts of the song – it will be delivered on a separate mp3 file when production is finished, and at no additional charge. However, if an instrumental version of the melody is requested for rehearsal tracks, add 10% to each song’s fee (before discounts) where this request is made.

 In addition to delivering the songs’ mp3 tracks by email, two “CD format” CDs (performance tracks only, no rehearsal tracks) will be sent to the mailing address provided in the Production Agreement. One of these CDs can be used as a working copy, the other held by you as a master backup copy. Foreign orders outside of the Continental U.S. add $20.00 for International Shipping.