Custom Backing Tracks Give You The Edge
Custom Music Tracks Are Fine-Tuned For Your Voice
Unique Background Tracks Allow You to Sing with Your Favorite Band
Be the Winner with Your Own Custom Accompaniment Tacks
Showcase Your Great Talent with Custom Music Tracks
Your Auditions and Performances Shine with Custom Recordings
Performances Stand Out with Personalized Background Tracks
Music Careers Shine with Custom Music Arrangements
Distinctive Custom TV and Film Music Beds
Pageant and Broadway Audition Performances Glitter with Custom Music Tracks
Custom Studio Backing Tracks Make Winning Vocal Performances




Custom Backing Tracks

Live Performance Tracks

Singers and songwriters, you no longer have to spend from $1,000 to $2,500 hiring an experienced arranger, producer, top musicians and a recording studio for a custom accompaniment track. DIGITAL AUDIO WORKSTATION PRODUCTION HAS CHANGED ALL THAT!  Whether veteran professional or budding amateur, you can perform your songs with exclusive, high-quality backing tracks arranged by a seasoned pro, professionally performed and recorded specifically in the key and tempo that best showcases your voice… and at a truly reasonable cost!

Audition & Showcase Tracks

Having unique, well-arranged and exciting accompaniment tracks will help separate you from the competition, whether auditioning for a talent contest, theatrical production, pageant competition, or submitting material for media consideration.

Film Underscoring & Other Media Production

Music Tracks America’s composer, Tom Bruner, besides teaching film scoring at the university and college level, has many years experience in writing music for film and television. His approach creates fresh, unique and highly stylized musical themes and underscore that can give productions a variety of subliminal, yet cinematically relevant emotional textures.

Additionally, custom music beds give advertising campaigns and industrial films distinction in a marketplace, which has been over-saturated with “music library tracks”… and at a very competitive price!



Award Winning Production

Our arranger/producer, Tom Bruner, has arranged & produced hundreds of sessions with the top studio musicians in Hollywood, London, and Nashville for CDs, motion pictures, television productions, advertising jingles and live performances.

Affordable Backing Tracks

Music Tracks America’s production tracks are extremely cost effective compared to other sources of custom music production. With Music Tracks America you get the experience of a seasoned arranger/orchestrator/producer, studio musician performances of the highest caliber, and audiophile production mixes all at a small fraction of the cost associated with traditional custom recording session expenses.